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Participants of panel disсussions

Kendall Coffey

Kendall Coffey is a former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida (1993-1996); and served as Chair, Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (April 2009 – January 2017). He is annually recognized as one of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, Florida “Super Lawyer,” and South Florida Legal Guide’s “Top Lawyers”, recognized by the National Law Journal as one of its Lawyers of the Year for 2000, as a Member of Gore Legal Team. He concentrates on complex litigation at trial and appellate levels, in state and federal court.

Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida, admitted the importance of uniting the international GR-community and development of lobbying during pandemic times on the Forum: «This is an extremely good time to talk about lobbying and GR. We did not know what is going to happen with business, law, governmental relations models. Pandemic is a great oppression. It seems that all sectors have survived, some of the traditions are revising». It confirms the success of the global GR and lobbying community that is facing the challenges of COVID-19 world, especially at the annual GR Forum. 

Tim Schellberg

Tim Schellberg the founder and President of «Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs», an internationally known governmental affairs and government business market development firm, was one of the main speakers on the Forum. Mr. Schellberg has used over 25 years of professional experience, worldwide contacts and knowledge of global government institutions to actively lead legislative based projects in over 30 countries and within the United States. Mr. Schellberg explained the importance and secrets of GR and lobbying tools in the USA. The President of «Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs» admitted: «The most powerful tool in American lobbying is obviously relationships. Relationships came to government relations». In other words, Government Relations is an independent sector of international politics. Global cooperation between politicians and representatives of non-governmental organizations depends on governmental relations.

Kateryna Odarchenko

Kateryna Odarchenko is a famous Ukrainian political consultant and strategist, specialist in the field of communications and GR. Senior Partner of «SIC Group Ukraine», President of «SIC Group International», President of the Ukrainian Association of Professionals in the field of GR and lobbyists (UAGRPL), Director of the Institute for Democracy and Development «PolitA», Member of International Association of Government Affairs Professionals (IGAPA).

Mrs. Odarchenko is interested in improving a dialogue between Government Relations specialists, lobbyists and government representatives.

As the main organizer of the annual International GR Forum, Kateryna Odarchenko supposes that establishing contacts between the participants, initiating a dialogue and their cooperation can create a new chapter of international relations and GR, lobbying tendencies around the world. This experience is especially important for professionals from countries where civilized lobbying is just developing. Mrs. Odarchenko is interested in encouraging maintaining a high level of professional and ethical conduct in all government dealings and civilized political communication.

Samet Serttash

Samet Serttash is a government affairs director of “Herbalife Nutrition” covering Turkey and South East Europe. He is a food engineer and political scientist. He is chairman of public policy research center (KAPSAM) in Turkey, chairman of food and agriculture policy center (GIFT) and chairman of food supplement and nutrition association of Turkey (GTBD).

Samet Serttash, as a moderator and speaker, discussed an important item of paradigm shift in lobbying in Turkey under the new presidential system. Mr. Serttash is an influential government affairs director of “Herbalife Nutrition”, chairman of public policy research center (KAPSAM) in Turkey, chairman of food and agriculture policy center (GIFT) and chairman of food supplement and nutrition association of Turkey (GTBD). Mr. Serttash admitted the role of the President increased in a new political system in Turkey. It is one of the main reasons for Turkish GR-professionals and lobbyists to improve their own professional sector and unite with each other to take active part in improving Turkish political system.

Dr. Eyup Vural Aydin

Dr. Eyup Vural Aydin is the chairman at Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence (PPPCoE) and the senior Advisor on PPP.

Dr. Eyup Vural Aydin, as the chairman at Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence (PPPCoE) and the senior Advisor on PPP, explained features of new challenges of the GR-sector in infrastructure projects. Dr. Aydin admitted: «Turkey had a very strong government supportive culture and a lot of experience in public partnership in Turkish infrastructure projects». Dr. Aydin said Тurkish government paradoxically has very strong culture of communication with infrastructure representatives. For instance, PPP implemented 252 successful projects in transport and healthcare public services. The total price of that os  In last 30 projects $150 billion, which was invested by Asian development bank, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development World Bank. It confirms not only the global investment climate in Turkey, but the international character of Turkish infrastructure projects. It is an example of successful lobbying in Turkey. Dr. Aydin is skilled in Business Planning, Turkish, European Integration, European Studies, and Fund Administration. It confirms his professional approach to theory and practice of modern business and international GR sectors.

Ayazhan Uteuova

Ayazhan Uteuova is a famous Kazakh public figure and political technologist. 

Mrs. Uteuova is the head of the consulting company “Personal Project”, which provides services in the field of PR, political consulting, political and business lobbying services, information and analytical support of business, coaching sessions and much more.

 Mrs. Uteuova is the successful Asian political technologist, who is professionally interested in writing and adopting a law on lobbying in Kazakhstan. She explained features of primaries, political and business lobbying in Kazakhstan

Mrs. Uteuova has extensive experience in «Nur Otan» party structures as:

  • a member of the election headquarters Nazarbayeva NA in Astana in the election of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • a curator of 5 district election headquarters of NDP “Nur Otan” in the elections to the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Maslikhat of Nur-Sultan;
  • the Deputy Chairman of the Youth Wing of «Zhas Otan» of the «Nur Otan» Political Parties;
  • the Head of 10 Nur Otan NDP candidate headquarters for elections in Nur-Sultan Maslikhat.

Mrs. Uteuova is a representative of the Association of legal entities «Association of Business-State Relations», which takes a leader position in Kazakh Government Relations. It confirms Mrs. Uteuova is one of the main GR specialists in Kazakhstan. «Association for Business, Society and State Relations» takes important place in lobbying the interests of the Association Partners, оrganization of effective activity of the business community of lobbyists. Also, the union is providing consulting and practical assistance to business and raising the informative – educational level of entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan.

Eugene Dykhne

Eugene Dykhne is the CEO of Ukraine International Airlines – the main airlines in Ukraine. In December 2019, he was recognized as one of the 100 most influential Ukrainians in the rating of Focus. At the end of 2019, together with the top management team, UIA initiated the optimization of the airline’s route network in order to reduce excess costs and bring the company to break-even in 2020 with further stable development.

From October 2016 to October 2019 – Chairman of the Aviation Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The Aviation Committee was brought together representatives of the aviation industry and as of 2018 has 24 members of the committee. In March 2017, as the chairman of the Aviation Committee, he was elected a member of the Public Council at the State Aviation Service to represent the interests of members of the committee and the aviation industry from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. 

Eugene Dykhne, the CEO of Ukrainian Airlines, revealed the features of the position of business and non-governmental structures in regards to a dialogue with the government. One of the most influential business representatives admitted GR is an important issue that can influence not only the current position of the entrepreneurs and national economy, but also development of Ukrainian international image.

Erdinch Mert

Erdinch Mert,  the Founder & Managing Director at «BeNova Consulting», took into account the current situation of lobbying and GR-industry. Turkish political consultant admitted COVID-times became not only a new challenge, but also a new opportunity for the international community to learn how to work during a pandemic. Mr. Mert admitted real professionals can successfully organize work even during tough times, but the main rule is to keep all important rules.

Mr. Mert is skilled in strategy development, relationship building and closing sales. «BeNova Consulting» is a result-oriented management consulting firm, which specially designs solutions for companies / institutions to make an impact in the industry, and offers a different perspective with their knowledge and industry experience. 

Mr. Mert is a result-oriented executive leader with strategy development, marketing and business development skills for over 15 year experience in different sectors (mainly defense & aerospace industry). Mr. Mert is skilled in strategy development, relationship building and closing sales. «BeNova Consulting» is a result-oriented management consulting firm, which specially designs solutions for companies / institutions to make an impact in the industry, and offers a different perspective with their knowledge and industry experience. Mr. Mert is experienced in business and market development.


Sitara Jabeen

Sitara Jabeen is an experienced PR and digital communications professional. Mrs. Jabeen is a Senior Digital Producer at «TRT World». It is one of the largest media sources in Turkey. It should be added that Mrs. Jabееn has worked in the field of PR and communications for more than ten years in humanitarian organizations, mainly in the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Sitara Jabeen made an insightful speech about citizen lobbying and advocacy in the modern world. Being an influential international journalist with 20-year experience, Mrs. Jabeen successfully described all features of advocacy and lobbying in Turkey as well. Sitara Jabeen has worked in the field of PR and communications for more than ten years in humanitarian organizations. This experience is an example of a deep understanding of advocacy and lobbying processes of Turkey. Sitara Jabeen confirmed advocacy of citizens in Turkey as well as lobbying of their socio-political interests. It is a key to successful politics and a dialogue between Turkish government and non-governmental structures.

Mustafa Oguz

 Mustafa Oguz explained the features of formation of the profession of a GR-specialist in Turkey; dynamics, actors, perspectives. Mr. Oguz, as a famous Turkish consultant, founder of Istanbul consulting firm “Strategic Solutions Lab”, successfully explained the importance of business associations GR & Corporate Affairs departments in private firms as well as the role of global uncertainty and popular politics as prospects of GR-sector in Turkey. 

 Mr.Oguz explained the features of formation of the profession of a GR-specialist in Turkey; dynamics, actors, perspectives. Mr. Oguz, as a famous Turkish consultant, founder of Istanbul consulting firm “Strategic Solutions Lab”, successfully explained the importance of business associations GR & Corporate Affairs departments in private firms as well as the role of global uncertainty and popular politics as prospects of GR-sector in Turkey.

Mr. Oguz thinks that growing Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) of Turkish firms is a new opportunity for GR professionals as well. Mr. Oguz is sure that “GR profession has still an amorph structure; open to further development and institutionalization”.Also, Turkey offers vibrant environment in an emerging market context for GR professionals.

Mehmet Orgen

Mehmet Örgen is a representative of “Erciyas Holding”, Corporate Affairs Director; “Hello Tomorrow Turkey”; Deputy Head and Former Turkish Navy Strategy Head. He leads and guides Corporate Affairs and Corporate Governance Principles, Restructural Development and manages Strategic and Corporate Projects.

Mr. Orgen reviews and directs Global and Regional Gas and Oil Pipeline Projects, as well as Railway Projects. He has extensive international/NATO expertise and experience. As Hello Tomorrow Dep Head, he is part of a global science & technology entrepreneurship platform aimed at accelerating the transition from ideas to technological products across those sectors.

Mr. Orgen is member of TÜSIAD Energy Working Group; Technology, Digitalization and Innovation Subworking Group, TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Working Group, TÜSİAD China Network, and Member of DEİK USA Business Council and many other organizations. This experience confirms the awareness of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Governance Principles of Mr. Orgen.

Turkish professional is sure GR and Corporate Affairs departments in private firms are a new phenomena. Also, this function is mostly assumed by the shareholders or top management of the firms through professional relations and informal networks.

Fatih Kaya

Fatih Kaya is a successful GR-specialist in the world-known “Boehringer Ingelheim” pharmacy company. He has more than 15 years experience of work in Government Relations. Mr. Kaya is famous among Turkish GR-specialists his excellent understanding of Turkey’s government management and decision-making system. It should be admitted Mr. Kaya has the professional experience in the top government institutions and wider outreach in executive and legislative management hierarchy.

It should be admitted Mr. Kaya has a valuable experience of work in Turkish Ministry of Development. Also, Mr. Kaya headed International Projects and Programs Department under DG-External Economic Affairs. Turkish GR-professional worked in improving bilateral relations between Turkey and the related countries (Somalia, Mali, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq). Mr. Kaya acted as the Director of COMCEC (Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Project Funding Department.

Mr. Kaya admitted the key-role of policy tools in lobbying: «One of the tools that help us to achieve this goal is to apply evidence-based policy making processes. It should be based on legislation, data. In the long-term perspective, we had an initial one, in which we determine key-policies».

Galyna Yanchenko

Galyna Yanchenko is Ukrainian politician and the Chairman of the Public Control Council at NABU. Founder of the NGO “Anti-Corruption Headquarters”. In 2014-2015, Mrs. Yanchenko was a deputy of  Kyiv Council. She worked as an analyst at the Center for Combating Corruption. Also, Mrs. Yanchenko is a co-author of a number of analytical reports on corruption in the procurement of medicines from the Ministry of Health. She coordinated the graduates of the student exchange program among the future leaders of FLEX. Furthermore, Ukrainian politician was the manager of research and analytical programs of the international organization Pact and projects of the Yalta European Strategy. Participated in the organization of the fifth annual meeting of the Free Trade Zone Forum in Yalta.

Mrs. Yanchenko, Ukrainian People`s deputy and the Chairman of the Public Control Council at National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukrainе. Mrs. Yanchenko explained investment opportunities of Ukraine: conditions and patterns. Ukrainian politician added information about the work of the Parliamentary Special Commission for the Protection of Investors’ Rights and legislative changes that had been adopted in Ukraine to attract investment, including the feature of «Ukraine Invest» project.

Victor Andrusiv

Victor Andrusiv is famous Ukrainian public figure, candidate of political science, analyst and publicist, author of Ukrainian best-seller “Change the Future”. It should be added Mr. Andrusiv held the position of Deputy Head of the Donetsk Military-Civil Administration for Humanitarian Affairs (from July 2015 to February 2016). Also, Mr. Andrysiv is a former President of Ukrainian Institute of the Future. Its mission is to improve Ukrainian political culture through expert research and discussions.

Mr. Andrusiv participated in the development of various public organizations and the implementation of projects, such as the New Citizen Partnership, the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies. Furthermore, Mr. Andrusiv joined the development of a number of bills, in particular, “On access to public information” and “On public associations”.

Victor Andrysiv explained the role of analytics and its impact on government decision-making in Ukraine. is a former President of Ukrainian Institute of the Future. Its mission is to improve Ukrainian political culture through expert research and discussions.

Bilgin Haluk

 Bilgin Haluk, a professional in crude oil transportation and station management, which is a successful example of the trade for more than 72 years,  answered the next question: «How can Turkey achieve lobbying activities in the energy field and by establishing close relations with neighboring countries? How can we strongly transfer new structuring and lobbying activities for the future after modern GR-professionals».

Mr. Haluk, as a member of the board of directors of the “Mandi group” and “Bilgin group”, has a deep understanding of lobbying in the energy field. It should be added Turkish professionals supposed renewable energy was one of the most important sectors of economics and lobbying in Turkey.

Bilgin Haluk believes Turkey is a country with advantageous geopolitical location both for international relations and improvement. That is why Mr. Haluk is interested in improvement a dialogue, especially about energy sector, between Ukraine and Turkey.

Galyna Kheylo

Galyna Kheylo, as the President of Payment Systems Association, founder of the financial and analytical center “Transformation”, successfully explained the mechanism of functioning of payment systems in Ukraine. The main thing depends on the quality of the dialogue between payment systems representatives and Ukrainian government. Also, Mrs. Kheylo agreed with Mrs. Uteuova that it would be appreciated to legitimize the law on lobbying. «If there can be a law on lobbying in Ukraine and a successful dialogue with the government, Ukrainian banks, payment systems, and retailers will advocate for their professional interests and rights» – commented Mrs. Kheylo.

As the vice-president, Galina Kheilo is engaged in the development and implementation of new directions of work of AUB and consolidation of the Association’s position in the banking market. It should be added that the main goal of AUB is to protect and represent the interests of commercial banks in government bodies, in particular: to reduce the costs of the system of commercial banks caused by pressure and diktat of administrative government bodies, by applying AUB to the court, using other opportunities to disclose illegal actions by administrative bodies.


Erhan Arslan

Erhan Arslan, the Secretary-General of SEDEFED, Federation of Sectoral Associations and a project Director at TURKONFED, Turkish Business and Enterprise Confederation, described potential threats and prospects for the development of lobbying in Turkey. Having roots in forming policy papers and recommendations, lobbying and interest aggregation, Mr. Arslan took into account the importance of lobbying legislation and the importance of enacting it in Turkey. 

Mr. Arslan has established knowledge and network in development and foreign policy. He has roots in forming policy papers and recommendations, lobbying and interest aggregation.

Mr. Arslan previously served as a researcher, a lecturer and a project coordinator in the international education sector. Next, he assumed the role of Managing Editor at Turkish Policy Quarterly. He is a founding member of the “Co-Opinion Network”. His various research projects and degrees have previously been funded by various recognized organizations and institutions.

Liron Edery

Liron Edery is a famous Ukrainian-Jewish public figure, the main rabby of Kryvyy Rih (Ukraine), one of the most influential Jewish public figures in the Eastern Europe. Mr. Edery supports the improvement of correct dialogue between business representatives and NGO management with government representatives in Ukraine.

One of the main rabies of the Eastern Europe believes learning and implementing modern legalized lobbying techniques of the EU, the USA is a real example for Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine. Also, the improvement of government affairs, government relations is an essential factor for further government, country and culture development not only in Ukraine, but in other countries, such as Turkey. Discussion on this actual topic can help the best GR professionals and lobbyists to legalize and create a positive image of this sphere among citizens.

The culture of accepting GR specialists and lobbyists as key-professionals in a dialogue between government and non-government structure can be a factor of increasing the level of trust in the government.

Tatiana Ramus

Tatiana Ramus is a well-known Ukrainian public figure, public figure, presenter, journalist, producer. The wife of Igor Voronov, a Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist, public figure and philanthropist. Launched a number of television and charitable projects. For example, in 2008–2013, the Ramus company developed the first multimedia social information project in Ukraine “Pay attention with Tatiana Ramus!”. Genre is a social encyclopedia. Each program not only raised the most pressing issues in the life of Ukrainians, but also gave specific instructions on how to solve this problem in the fields of medicine, politics, etc. In 2019, Tatiana Ramus joined the “White Ribbon Ukraine” Campaign, an international social movement in defense of victims of domestic violence. The goal of the cooperation is to unite international and national leaders of public opinion, experts around the #ChangeHelpPrevent concept.

Mrs. Ramus t is an international civic society movement and the world`s largest male initiative against gender-based violence and discrimination towards women and girls. Mrs. Ramus supposed advocacy of their rights is an essential practice which should be developed not only in Ukraine, but in other countries.

Timur Chmeruk

Timur Chmeruk is a famous Ukrainian entrepreneur, partner of “Bace Capital Management”. He is coordinating all circles of investment in Ukraine in IT, energy and development sectors. Also, Mr. Chmeruk is an adviser on strategic development and effective interaction with the government. He is interested in  developing stronger and more productive relationships with the government, helping clients to develop an effective government relations strategy. Mr. Chmeruk thinks working together is essential to build a case and initiate the correct dialogue with the government to improve, support and protect clients’​ interests in the Central Europe Emerging Market. It confirms interest in the development of Government Relations at the Ukrainian and International level. Furthermore, Mr. Chmeruk provides insight into the inner workings of government and functional solutions for input into government policy, regulatory and legislative processes of Eastern Europe.

As a senior consultant Public policy, government relations, and patient advocacy in Ukrainian political consulting company “SIC-Group Ukraine”, Mr. Chmeruk develops and executes strategies to protect company interests, assets, reputation, and goodwill. Identifies compliance-related performance and complaint trends. He ensures that company rights are protected via compliance with applicable laws and regulatory rules.

It should be admitted Mr. Chmeruk educates and trains employees and external stakeholders to enhance regulatory compliance, improved customer service and adherence to standardized processes. It confirms his activity in community and company initiatives to promote volunteering, environmental stewardship, sustainable living. Mr. Chmeruk is interested in improving Ukrainian-Turkish dialogue about Government relations and improving the legally correct business sector.


Serhii Klets

Serhii Klets is a famous Ukrainian lawyer. The head of «Questa Group» law firm. Also, Mr. Klets is a member of Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA). He has a lot of experience in a multidisciplinary law. Mr. Klets unites the most experienced and talented lawyers, advisors, as well as arbitration managers.

It should be added he has a lot of experience in  such specialized areas, as: bankruptcy, tax law, protection of assets, corporate law and M&A, family disputes (including the section of joint business of family members), intellectual property, effective debt collection. 

Moreover, Mr. Klets is one of the most active members of Ukrainian Association of Government Relations and Lobbyist Professionals (UAGRPL), that brings together corporate professionals and specialized organizations practicing in the field of Government Relations, Public Affairs, Public Advocacy in order to represent the interests of business in dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities. Mr. Klets is professionally interested in professional communication between Government Relations and Lobbying professionals from other countries to get an experience exchange. Mr. Klets thinks it is one of the most important factors of Government Relations and lobbying sectors improvement not only in Ukraine, but in other countries, where these spheres are not well-developed.

Faruk Aktay

Mr. Faruk Aktay is a senior lawyer qualified to practice in İstanbul, Londra ve New York. He provides legal and regulatory consulting to domestic and international companies operating in a wide range of regulated sectors. During his career, he has been involved in numerous cross-border transactions and dispute resolutions. He also worked as an interim country counsel of an American tech company and individually orchestrated the company’s separation process. 
In Turkey, Mr. Aktay is the only legal advisor with a graduate background in law and economics and international bar qualifications. Thanks to his understanding of different legal regimes he is able to bring unparalleled insight and novel perspective on complicated legal matters. He has deep diving knowledge about market regulations and regularly reviews and provides feedback for the legislations that may affect his clients businesses. 
Also, Mr. Aktay closely follows international regulatory developments. He is a member of the Cross-Border Transactions, Big Tech and Monopolization, and International Compliance Committees of the American and New York Bar Associations. In Turkey, he is an active member of Blockchain Turkey and TUSIAD Competition and Regulation Working Groups.

Erdinç Mert

Erdinç Mert is the Founder & General Manager at «BeNova Consulting».

Mr. Mert is a result-oriented executive leader with strategy development, marketing and business development skills for over 15 year experience in different sectors (mainly defense & aerospace industry). Mr. Mert is skilled in strategy development, relationship building and closing sales.

«BeNova Consulting» is a result-oriented management consultancy firm, we are at your side with our solutions specially designed for your company to make an impact in your industry! We offer you a different perspective with our knowledge and industry experience. We are ready to be your companion with our experienced consultants and partners. Consulting services of «BeNova Consulting» are: strategy consultancy, defense industry consultancy, as well as brand management, communication consultancy and so on.

It should be admitted Mr. Mert is a visionary thinker with global perspective and ability to make tough decisions that bring positive results.
Having more than 10 year experience of work in BİTES (Subsidiary of ASELSAN) as the Vice President of Strategy and Market Development, Mr. Mert is experienced in business and market development, what confirms his deep understanding of business opportunities and working cooperation with Asia Pacific region, including 18 countries. Maintaining relationships with the ministries, end users and local companies (as the part of the work) confirms experience of working with government representatives from different Asian countries. This practice is essential in discovering the features of GR in the world.

It should be added Mr. Mert is a former «McKinsey  & Company» Consultant.  Having experience of work in the American worldwide management consulting firm, Mr. Mert is interested in development of a dialogue between governmental and non-governmental structures in Turkey considering the international GR-experience.

Muhammed Adil Dzheylan

Muhammed Adil Dzheylan, a famous Turkish businessman, public figure and the representative of ALLATRA International Movement, explained the importance of a dialogue between business representatives and government structures and its influence on culture development of international politics, public attitudes and prospects for further cultural politics of the government.

Mr.  Dzheylan is interested in discussing on projects’ targets and impacts on society.

Also, an influential Turkish public figure active is interested in participation in the life of society, creating conditions for the development of people’s creative potential and jointly engaging in activities beneficial to world society.

Yulia Gershun

Yulia Gershun is a Ukrainian cultural diplomat, public and political figure, TV presenter, President of the Charitable Foundation for the Development of Gifted Children, Member of the UNICEF Children’s Rights Protection Commission. Previously, Miss Gershun was an expert for the Ukrainian delegation at the 57th UN session in New York (February 2019).

Co-author of the national reform on the transformation of the system of residential institutions for children. Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine (2013-2014). She was awarded with the Order of Civic Valor for the activities of the charitable foundation, social and cultural projects dedicated to the development of Ukraine.


А. Egon Cholakian

А. Egon Cholakian is a registered lobbyist at the White House. Mr. Cholakian worked with a wide range of American politicians. For instance, Mr. Cholakian is a Reagan Administration lobbyist for the Strategic Defense Initiative. 

It should be added that Mr. Cholakian has a lot of experience not only in lobbying, but also in Dual-Use Technology, Energy, Data Driven Science & Bio / Medical Technology research sectors, solely. Professional lobbyist is a former Legislative Tax Analyst, Joint Taxation Committee (U.S. Congress) and the President’s Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy (The White House). It confirms an atypical and professional approach to lobbying. That is why he deeply understands lobbying tendencies of the USA. Implementing the most efficient lobbying tools in lobbyism, Mr. Cholakian is interested in sharing his personal experience within the Fifth International GR Forum. As an experienced lobbyist, Mr. Cholakian has a deep understanding of lobbying work in different countries.

IGAPA is honoured to learn the point of view of Mr. Cholakian about “Positions of the authorities of various countries on lobbying activities”. It should be added that there will be a successful opportunity to learn the experience of successful lobbyists and implement it in the countries, where lobbyism is only developing.

Dimitris Konstantellos

Dimitris Konstantellos is the influential Greek Public Affairs and Advocacy specialist with strong international communications background and proven track record of business-building success. Mr. Konstantellos has more than 20 years in strategy & communications advisory, reputation risk assessment & crisis management, political risk advisory, government relations & public affairs, ESG-related issues, employee engagement & change management.

Mr. Konstantellos is a strategist offering an accumulated professional experience from leading multinationals and consultancies, industry associations, policy makers, and EU Institutions, while engaging with governments, media and external stakeholders, employee unions, and local communities. Mr. Konstantelos has deep expertise across sectors, in particular: energy (oil and gas, renewable), environment, media, digital governance, public health, government and policy institutions, NGOs, consumer products, financial services, foreign direct investments.

Also, Mr. Konstantellos has 6 years of experience with global communication agencies (ultimately at Director level) in business development, client account management and service delivery for clients. Mr. Konstantellos has  experience in Brussels communicating EU policies to citizens and key audiences (European Commission DGs, European Environment Agency) and advising a Member of Parliament on energy, environment, climate change policy issues. He is interested in learning the development of GR during the COVID-19 pandemia in the EU.

Teodora Migdalovici

Teodora Migdalovici is an international public speaker and trainer, having attended, over the past 20 years, major worldwide events related to the marketing and the communication industry, with remarkable results.

She has spoken on emotional intelligence, has trained creative people on their way to winning Cannes Lions trophies, and has shared her view of the industry’s future on global stages in Belgrade, Cascais, Cairo, London, Lisbon, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Mumbai, Mauritius, Paris, Singapore, Sarajevo, Vienna, Zagreb. She is also a brand therapist, an awarded author, a personal branding strategist at MEALCHEMY.COM and the founder of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, one of the most successful Creative MBAs in Eastern Europe, with Gold Lions in the portfolio.

In 2021 she launched the scouting platform #TalentMagnet. Private Diplomacy Award, Brand Leadership Award, Global Super Achiever Award, European Excellence Award and Stevie Award are distinctions associated with her books, research or educational projects.
As Cannes Lions Ambassador in Romania, Teo Migdalovici has been, throughout the past decade, one of the most dedicated supporters for those creatives – both juniors and seniors – motivated to perform in Cannes and a reputed lobbyist for Creative Romania abroad, via “Love and Lobby”, the private diplomacy platform.

In the past 4 years, her focus moved into discovering and mapping creative industries of the world, starting with various countries in SE Europe and Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey.

In recognition for her contribution, she was awarded the 2nd place for the Most Passionate Cannes Lions Ambassador by the festival’s organizers in 2013 and the Media Award for “People and Ideas that Change Romania for the Better” by Foreign Policy in 2015.

Shaykh Kazybek Altay Uly

Shaykh Kazybek Altay Uly is the Founder of LLP “Institute GR” (training of specialists in relations with Kazakh government). Also, he is the Vice President of the State Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Investments “KazInvest” (2008-2009).

Director of “Agency for creative solutions” SHAIKH “LLP. It should be added Kazakh professional has experience as the leading specialist of the Department of Internal Policy of the Ministry of Information and Public Accord of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1998).

Also, Shaykh Kazybek Altay Uly is the President of the Public Association “National Association of Cooperatives and Other Economic Communities of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Member of the Public Council of the city of Almaty of the 1st and 2nd convocations, Member of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty, executive director, chairman of the Almaty city charitable public foundation “Peace Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2009-2017). 

Shaykh Kazybek Altay Uly, the Founder of LLP “Institute GR” (training of specialists in relations with Kazakh government),explained prospects for cooperation of the GR-community in Central Asia. Mr. Altay Uly admitted it is important to use soft-power practice in work of the GR-community. Also, it is rather important to implement new tools and techniques of other countries, including the USA and the EU countries, where GR is more developed. . Mr. Altay Uly believed in the success of GR and lobbying in the improvement of Kazakh agro-industry.

Sefa Gomdeniz

Sefa Gömdeniz is the Founder and President of Burc Group of Companies involved in construction, investment and trading activities in C.I.S Countries. Built Ashgabat and Baku Airports and received honorary citizenship of Turkmenistan with two medals given by President.

Mr. Gömdeniz as Co-Chairman of Turkish-Pakistan, UAE, Ukraine and Belarus, currently board member of these councils; is Representative of Ukraine and Belarus Chambers of Commerce and Industy. Organized many business forums with participation of Presidents, Prime Ministers and thousands of Business Persons. 

Sefa Gomdeniz explained mutual investment between Turkish-Ukrainian companies and Turkish-Central Asian companies in their region covering domestic and international markets.

Suryaprabha Sadasivan

Suryaprabha (Surya) Sadasivan leads Chase India’s sustainable development and healthcare practice ith over 14 years of experience. “Chase India”, is a leading policy research and government relations advisory firm in India.

“Chase India” works with private sector companies, philanthropic foundations and funding agencies with critical mandates across sectors such as healthcare, sustainability, technology, and consumer to create business impact, mitigate risks, drive social change and form long-standing collaborations with advocates and key stakeholder groups. 

At “Chase”, she has been instrumental in establishing the “Chase Dialogues” – a platform to discuss and shape policy discourse, especially the Health and Earth Dialogues and was listed in the Reputation Today 40 under 40 list of 2019, as one of India’s most promising communications and advocacy professionals in India.