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The VI International GR-Forum

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On June 9, 2022, the VI International GR-Forum will be held in Washington, DC, in the United States of America, bringing together the best specialists in Government Relations, Government Affairs, Lobbying, and Advocacy. Among the invited speakers are highly qualified specialists from the USA and countries from all over the world.

The purpose of the event is to present best lobbying practices in the United States and participating countries, to discuss GR regulatory standards in each country, to discuss analysis and implementation of international trends and instruments in the affairs of the countries present and participating, to share experiences and to establish a dialogue with the prospect of further cooperation.

IGAPA, the International Governmental Affairs Professionals Association, has long been active in the development of lobbying, GR and advocacy as professional practices to improve dialogue between NGOs and governments. The association has become a place for dialogue between experts in the fields of Government Relations, Government Affairs and Public Administration. The Association regularly holds events of international format. Among the latter: the 5th International GR Forum in Istanbul, Turkey (2021), the 4th International GR Forum in Brussels, Belgium (2019), a series of non-state roundtables and professional conferences in Washington, USA (2020).

The conference will be attended by leading representatives of political and business structures, experienced specialists in the fields of Government Relations, Advocacy and Lobbying from the United States and from countries around the world.

Today, the United States is an absolute leader in the implementation and exploitation of GR practices. The largest US corporations and commercial associations are presumably in the lead among lobbying clients. Well-known IT companies Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft spend record amounts on lobbying services. Lobbyists in the United States are in great demand among foreign customers. However, in most countries of the world this practice is quite new and its development is much more restrained. The International Forum is a great opportunity to adopt the experience of the West and implement it in the markets of their countries.

The participants of the forum in Washington have a great opportunity to discuss current lobbying practices in emerging markets, new GR and lobbying tools, to analyze cases from international practice and share experiences with colleagues from the USA and participating states. The events, aimed at bringing together experts from around the world, have a great potential for establishing contacts between participants and initiating dialogue and cooperation in the future. This experience is very useful for professionals working in these fields in countries where lobbying has just emerged and is in the process of developing. International conferences give impetus to the further effective development and promotion of GR in their country.

The event is organized by the International Governmental Affairs Professionals Association (IGAPA).

Planned Topics for Panel Discussions

  1. GR-community after COVID-19: modern challenges:
  • changes in establishing a dialogue with the authorities
  • key market challenges
  • lobbying and GR in emerging markets
  • how the market has changed: digital indicators
  • analysis of the state of the market according to the official data of the registers
  • exchange of expert positions and opinions
  1. Development of GR and lobbying: international experience:
  • exchange of expert positions on GR and lobbying practices in

different countries

  • examples of successful regulation of lobbying
  • analysis of the pros and cons of lobbying regulation
  • GR and lobbying: what methods of fighting corruption are successful

operate in emerging markets

  • exchange of expert positions and opinions
  1. The best cases of lobbying and GR regulation from around the world:
  • providing the best communication cases by lobbyists with

different countries

  • successful experience of regulation in different countries
  • work experience of specialists in GR and in-house lobbying, public

organizations, specialized associations

  • exchange of expert positions and opinions
  1. GR and lobbying tools:
  • the most effective tools for GR and lobbying
  • the best instruments in emerging markets with a regulated


  • analysis of effective tools and new tools in the field

GR and lobbying

  • exchange of expert positions and opinions
  1. Lobbying in the USA:
  • features of the work of lobbyists in the USA
  • features of work on business lobbying of American projects in

the world

  • features of the work of foreign agents
  • the most effective methods of building a dialogue with the authorities in


  • exchange of expert positions and opinions
  1. Dialogue of the USA with countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia:
  • trends in the development of GR and lobbying in the United States in the areas of politics and business
  • trends in the development of GR and lobbying in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the spheres of politics and business
  • GR and lobbying in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the USA: common and distinctive features
  • GR and lobbying in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the USA: experience exchange