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ying of Ukraine is a a very urgent issue”


Stephen Blank: “The lobbying of Ukraine is a a very urgent issue”

 The Round Table discussion was held on November 15 in Washington, the USA. The purpose of the event was to advance the field of public affairs and provide participants to discuss analysis and implementation of international trends and instruments in the affairs of the countries. The particular attention was paid to issues of lobbying and advocacy of Ukraine. 

The famous personalities like Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow at FPRI’s Eurasia Program, Kendall Coffey, one of the best lawyers and a former US Attorney, Egon Cholakian, a registered lobbyist of White House and others. 

Stephen Blank, who has worked for a long time on Russian, Central Asian and Eastern European issues,  paid special attention to Ukraine, noting how the recent elections affects the environment for lobbying about Ukraine, which is a very urgent issue. 

“Whatever the results of the election might have been, there are three outstanding categories of issues for lobbyists who are trying to get support for Ukraine”

First of all there is the urgency of getting military technology, weapons and logistical support to the Ukrainian government and army. The second category of what is necessary to provide for Ukraine is immediate economic assistance. Because Russia continues to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure. Then, Ukraine needs investments, which means that Ukraine also needs to be admitted onto a membership track of both NATO and the European Union.

Third category is support for whatever negotiating profile emerges as a result of the war.

                                   Stephen Blank was a speaker on the Round Table

It should be mentioned that the organizer of the Round Table discussion is IGAPA, the leading international association of public relations professionals, and Kateryna Odarchenko, a political strategist and Board Member of IGAPA. 

                 Kateryna Odarchenko, the main organizer of the Round Table discussion

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