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The VII International GR Forum


The VII International GR Forum

March 6

Washington, the USA

The VII International Annual GR-Forum 2023, held on March 6th, 2023, in Washington, DC, brought together professionals from around the world, including lobbyists, lawyers, political communications specialists, PR specialists, and representatives of related fields. The event featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities to help attendees enhance their understanding of political and economical challenges, business opportunities and strategies to mitigate them. 

                                                The participants of the VII GR Forum

Most of the members of the Association were representatives of the industry in the USA and Britain, as well as specialists from Canada, Ukraine, Romania and Lithuania, Slovenia, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, UAE, Kazakhstan and other regions among the members, speakers, and guests.

The forum featured keynote speeches from prominent experts in the field, including Kateryna Odarchenko, a political strategist, presenting interests of Ukraine in USA, Stephen Blank, an expert on Russian foreign and defense politics, a promoting MC public affairs Mihael Cigler, a registered Federal lobbyist at The White House Egon Cholakian, entrepreneur Zhanar Suleimenova, political consultant Dina Shaikhislam, political science consultant Natalija Dobrovic, lead organizer for annual TEDx event Prince Taylor, Board Member of US Ukrainian Activists Catherine Keren Petersen, Vice President of GR at the EOP Group Brian M. Abrams, Executive Officer and Public Liaison for the National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation Mark Plavetic, General Manager for Viceroy Hotels & Resorts Sherry Abedi, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Council of Residence of Iran Dr. Sofey Saidi, Ihor Dovban, Ukrainian politician, public service expert Marina Ovtsynova, IT specialist Taliy Shkurupiy and quintessential climate change advocate Olga Schmidt. 

            Mihael Cigler, Zhanar Suleimenova and Kateryna Odarchenko are on the VII GR Forum

The forum included panel discussions on specific topics, for example “How do lobbying and advocacy work in the US now” with the participation of a former US attorney Kendall Coffey, political consultant and leader Thaddeus Walls, public relations expert Joe Wertz and a GR and business development strategic advisor Ian G. Campbell. These sessions enabled attendees to engage with subject matter experts and explore different perspectives on today’s global situation. 

The participants of the VII GR Forum

In addition to the formal sessions, the forum provided an online panel on “the most affective tools and worldwide lobbying and advocacy practices” led by an international relations expert Ejike Edward Okpa, a Ukrainian politician Oleksei Goncharenko, an experienced GR and corporate communications professional Aslan Abzhakov, Ukrainian politician Yuriy Kamelchuk, Public affairs and GR expert Chidera Akwuba, and specialized law and economy expert Anar Rahimov.

              Natalija Dobrovic, Egon Cholakian and Ihor Dovban are speakers at the GR Forum

Kateryna Odarchenko, a board member of IGAPA, was the main organizer of the VII International GR Forum.

“We are thrilled to have brought together such a diverse and talented group of professionals to discuss the latest trends and global challenges. It is symbolic that in this difficult time the best specialists will gather for dialogue in Washington. After all, it is in this place that key decisions are made not only affecting the United States, but also affecting the world order.” said Kateryna Odarchenko.

IGAPA International GR Forum is one of the world’s leading platforms for global risk professionals, and provides a unique opportunity for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration. The event attracts top-level lobbyists, lawyers, businessmen and thought leaders from around the world, and offers a range of insights and perspectives on the political, economical and GR fields.

It should be noted that IGAPA (International Government Affairs Professionals Association 

) is t the leading international association for public affairs professionals. The mission of The International Government Affairs Professionals Association is to advance the field of public affairs and to provide members with the executive education, expertise and research they need to succeed while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The members have direct experience in corporate and association public affairs management, lobbying, digital advocacy, global public affairs, corporate responsibility, PACs and campaign finance, crisis communication and a host of related functions. Also each year the Association hosts more than 10 conferences, seminars, webinars, forums and social events for public affairs professionals, including The International GR-Forum. 

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