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How do lobbying and advocacy work in the US now?


A recent panel discussion during the IGAPA GR Forum 2023, that was held on March 6th, included the topic ” How do lobbying and advocacy work in the US now?”. The speakers of the discussion were a former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey, s a political consultant and leader Thaddeus Walls, a politician, public relations expert & Corporate Consulting professional Joe Wertz and the managing Partner with Manchester Global Solutions, Inc. Ian G. Campbell. 

                                                   The speakers of the Panel

One of the main topics discussed was the influence of big business on US elections. Panelists noted that corporations and wealthy individuals have significant financial resources to influence political campaigns and elections. They also discussed the need for transparency and accountability in campaign finance.

The discussion included examples and cases of successful lobbying efforts, and attendees voted on the best case. The panelists also discussed active industries, regulation, and working methods.

The speakers discussed successful practices in promoting the interests of foreign businesses and groups in the United States, citing examples such as foreign embassies and trade associations.

The panelists also mentioned the methods of dialogue with the authorities and differences in approaches. They examined what the polarization of lobbying and advocacy means for the world and the methods of communication between business, government, and the public on the example of American companies in other countries.

Finally, the panelists discussed the positions of the authorities of various countries regarding lobbying activities. They noted that regulations and attitudes towards lobbying and advocacy can vary significantly between countries.

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