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Eastern Europe and Asia: a new stage in relations with the West


Washington, DC – A recent panel discussion on the topic of “Eastern Europe and Asia: a new stage in relations with the West” highlighted the work of representatives from these regions in the United States and the differences in mentalities that may affect their interactions. Among the speakers were a registered Federal lobbyist at the White House Egon Cholakian, as a Consultant at Sofreco (France) and Political Consultant at KSAP (Kazakhstan) Dina Shaikhislam, and a a political science consultant Natalija Dobrovic.

                                                    The speakers of the Panel

The panel, featured experts from Eastern Europe and Asia who discussed the practices in the local market and internationally, the methods of interaction, and their impact on relations with the West.

One of the key points of discussion was the impact of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war on the region’s relations with the West. The panelists stressed the need for the international community to remain vigilant in supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The discussion also touched on the differences in mentalities between Eastern Europe and Asia, with some panelists pointing out that understanding cultural nuance is crucial to successful interactions. However, others argued that while cultural differences exist, there are universal values that can bridge the gap and facilitate collaboration.

                                                    The speakers of the Panel

The speakers also shared their experiences working in the United States, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and trust over time. They discussed the challenges of navigating the local market and the different regulatory frameworks, as well as the opportunities for collaboration across industries and sectors.

Overall, the panel concluded that the relationship between Eastern Europe and Asia with the West is entering a new stage, characterized by increased collaboration, innovation, and mutual understanding. 

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