The fifth International GR Forum

V International Open GR-Forum, which annually brings together the best specialists in Government Relations, Government Affairs, lobbying and advocacy, will be held on May 26 in Istanbul, Turkey. The speakers are qualified professionals from the USA, the EU countries, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan and other countries. The GR-forum will provide an opportunity for its participants to get experience exchange and establish new contacts with leading experts of the GR field.

During the coronavirus crisis, the issue of dialogue with the authorities has become especially acute. The public administration was not ready to regulate the events that had taken place. This applies to both the lower level, such as local communities, and the level of the state, because as we can see, many countries did not cope. That is why the holding of the V GR Forum, even in such a difficult time of the coronavirus crisis, is important for the professional society, which plays an important role in public life and public administration.



Tim Schellberg is the founder and President of «Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs», an internationally known governmental affairs and government business market development firm. In addition to serving as the firm’s managing partner, Mr. Schellberg maintains an active governmental affairs and market development practice, and provides strategic direction to the firm’s four primary divisions: International, Multi-State, Federal, and Washington State. Under Mr. Schellberg leadership, the firm has had impressive growth and success. Mr. Schellberg has used over 25 years of professional experience, worldwide contacts and knowledge of global government institutions to actively lead legislative based projects in over 30 countries and within the United States.


Ayazhan Uteuova is a famous Kazakh public figure and political technologist. She has established herself as a social visionary, professional party functionary, transformation coach and business mentor.Mrs. Uteuova is the head of the consulting company “Personal Project”, which provides services in the field of PR, political consulting, political and business lobbying services, information and analytical support of business, coaching sessions and much more.Mrs. Uteuova has extensive experience in «Nur Otan» party structures.Mrs. Uteuova is a representative of the Association of legal entities «Association for Business, Society and State Relations», which takes a leader position in Kazakh Government Relations.


Erdinç Mert is the Founder & Managing Director at «BeNova Consulting». Mr. Mert is a result-oriented executive leader with strategy development, marketing and business development skills for over 15 year experience in different sectors (mainly defense & aerospace industry). Mr. Mert is skilled in strategy development, relationship building and closing sales. «BeNova Consulting» is a result-oriented management consulting firm, which specially designs solutions for companies / institutions to make an impact in the industry, and offers a different perspective with their knowledge and industry experience. Mr. Mert is experienced in business and market development. That confirms his deep understanding of business opportunities and working cooperation with Asia Pacific region, including 18 countries.


Mehmet Örgen is a representative of “Erciyas Holding”, Corporate Affairs Director; “Hello Tomorrow Turkey”; Deputy Head and Former Turkish Navy Strategy Head. He leads and guides Corporate Affairs and Corporate Governance Principles, Restructural Development and manages Strategic and Corporate Projects. He reviews and directs Global and Regional Gas and Oil Pipeline Projects, as well as Railway Projects. He has extensive international/NATO expertise and experience. As Hello Tomorrow Dep Head, he is part of a global science & technology entrepreneurship platform aimed at accelerating the transition from ideas to technological products across those sectors. He is member of TÜSIAD Energy Working Group; Technology, Digitalization and Innovation Subworking Group, TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Working Group, TÜSİAD China Network, and Member of DEİK USA Business Council and many other organizations.


Marikovsky Olexandr is the People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the IX convocation. Ukrainian economist, public figure. In 2015, he founded the NGO “Center for Content Analysis”. Director of a consulting agency and IT company. Mr. Marikovsky was a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Natural Resources. Adviser to the civil servant of the information policy of Ukraine. The developer of the centralized model of government communications management “GovVoice”. The developer of the database for registration of environmental problems. Mr. Marikovsky is an expert on information policy, e-governance, ecology, and anti-corruption policy. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Policy on Environmental and Natural Resources Management. Member of the Standing Group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization.


Faruk Aktay is a senior lawyer qualified to practice in İstanbul, London and New York. Mr. Aktay is the managing partner of successful law company «Aktay Legal». He provides legal and regulatory consulting to domestic and international companies operating in a wide range of regulated sectors. During his career, he has been involved in numerous cross-border transactions and dispute resolutions. He also worked as an interim country counsel of an American tech company and individually orchestrated the company’s separation process. In Turkey, he is the only legal advisor with a graduate background in law and economics and international bar qualifications.


Victor Andrusiv is famous Ukrainian public figure, candidate of political science, analyst and publicist, author of Ukrainian best-seller “Change the Future”. It should be added Mr. Andrusiv held the position of Deputy Head of the Donetsk Military-Civil Administration for Humanitarian Affairs (from July 2015 to February 2016). Also, Mr. Andrysiv is a former President of Ukrainian Institute of the Future. Its mission is to improve Ukrainian political culture through expert research and discussions. Mr. Andrusiv participated in the development of various public organizations and the implementation of projects, such as the New Citizen Partnership, the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies. Furthermore, Mr. Andrusiv joined the development of a number of bills, in particular, “On access to public information” and “On public associations”.


Erhan Arslan is the Secretary-General of SEDEFED, Federation of Sectoral Associations and a project Director at TURKONFED, Turkish Business and Enterprise Confederation. Mr. Arslan has established knowledge and network in development and foreign policy. He has roots in forming policy papers and recommendations, lobbying and interest aggregation.
He previously served as a researcher, a lecturer and a project coordinator in international education sector. Next, he assumed the role of Managing Editor at Turkish Policy Quarterly. He is a founding member of the “Co-Opinion Network”. His various research projects and degrees has previously been funded by various recognized organization and institutions.


Kendall Coffey is a former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida (1993-1996); and served as Chair, Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (April 2009 – January 2017). He is annually recognized as one of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, Florida “Super Lawyer,” and South Florida Legal Guide’s “Top Lawyers”, recognized by the National Law Journal as one of its Lawyers of the Year for 2000, as a Member of Gore Legal Team. A frequent teacher and guest lecturer, he has been Guest Legal Analyst providing legal commentary for international networks: “CNN International”, “Telemundo”, “Univision”, “Canadian Broadcasting Company”; national networks: “CNBC”, “CNN”, “CNN Headline News”, “FOX”, “MSNBC” and “NBC”; and local television: “ABC-10”, “CBS-4”, “América TeVe”, “Telemundo-51”, “Univision-23”, “TeleMiami”.


Eugene Dykhne is the CEO of Ukraine International Airlines – the main airlines in Ukraine. In December 2019, he was recognized as one of the 100 most influential Ukrainians in the rating of Focus. At the end of 2019, together with the top management team, UIA initiated the optimization of the airline’s route network in order to reduce excess costs and bring the company to break-even in 2020 with further stable development.

From October 2016 to October 2019 – Chairman of the Aviation Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The Aviation Committee was brought together representatives of the aviation industry and as of 2018 has 24 members of the committee.


Kateryna Odarchenko is a famous Ukrainian political consultant and strategist, specialist in the field of communications and GR. Senior Partner of «SIC Group Ukraine», President of «SIC Group International», President of the Ukrainian Association of Professionals in the field of GR and lobbyists (UAGRPL), Director of the Institute for Democracy and Development «PolitA», Member of International Association of Government Affairs Professionals (IGAPA). As the main organizer of the annual International GR Forum, Kateryna Odarchenko supposes that establishing contacts between the participants, initiating a dialogue and their cooperation can create a new chapter of international relations and GR, lobbying tendencies around the world.


Sitara Jabeen is an experienced PR and digital communications professional. Mrs. Jabeen is a Senior Digital Producer at «TRT World». It is one of the largest media sources in Turkey. It should be added that Mrs. Jabееn has worked in the field of PR and communications for more than ten years in humanitarian organizations, mainly in the International Committee of the Red Cross. One of Mrs. Jabeen’s important PR projects is the management of international and regional communications in the Middle East in Geneva. Also Mrs. Jabееn was the Public Relations Officer and Press Secretary for East Africa. Mrs. Jabeen’s job was to create a digital strategy. This valuable experience confirms Mrs. Jabeen’s international professionalism in the field of public relations.


Tatiana Ramus is a well-known Ukrainian public figure, public figure, presenter, journalist, producer. The wife of Igor Voronov, a Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist, public figure and philanthropist. Launched a number of television and charitable projects. For example, in 2008–2013, the Ramus company developed the first multimedia social information project in Ukraine “Pay attention with Tatiana Ramus!”. Genre is a social encyclopedia. Each program not only raised the most pressing issues in the life of Ukrainians, but also gave specific instructions on how to solve this problem in the fields of medicine, politics, etc. In 2019, Tatiana Ramus joined the “White Ribbon Ukraine” Campaign, an international social movement in defense of victims of domestic violence. The goal of the cooperation is to unite international and national leaders of public opinion, experts around the #ChangeHelpPrevent concept.


Muhammed Adil Dzheylan, a famous Turkish businessman, public figure and the representative of ALLATRA International Movement, explained the importance of a dialogue between business representatives and government structures and its influence on culture development of international politics, public attitudes and prospects for further cultural politics of the government. Mr.  Dzheylan is interested in discussing on projects’ targets and impacts on society. Also, an influential Turkish public figure active is interested in participation in the life of society, creating conditions for the development of people’s creative potential and jointly engaging in activities beneficial to world society.

Heylo (1)

Galyna Kheуlo is the President of Ukrainian Association of Payment Systems (UAPS), the Vice President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks (AUB), founder of the financial and analytical center “Transformation”.There is more than  20-year experience of Mrs. Kheylo in the banking system.
As the President of UAPS and the Vice-president of AUB, Galyna Kheylo is engaged in the development and implementation of new directions of AUB work and consolidation of the Association’s position in the banking market. Ukrainian Payment Systems Association is a voluntary non-governmental non-profit association and created by the decision of the Constituent Assembly and in accordance with the Constituent Agreement. The main goal of the Association’s activity is to promote the development of convenient and secure payment instruments and services in Ukraine that are used by financial institutions.


Yulia Gershun is a Ukrainian cultural diplomat, public and political figure, TV presenter, President of the Charitable Foundation for the Development of Gifted Children, Member of the UNICEF Children’s Rights Protection Commission. Previously, Miss Gershun was an expert for the Ukrainian delegation at the 57th UN session in New York (February 2019). Co-author of the national reform on the transformation of the system of residential institutions for children. Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine (2013-2014). She was awarded with the Order of Civic Valor for the activities of the charitable foundation, social and cultural projects dedicated to the development of Ukraine.


Samet Serttas is a government affairs director of “Herbalife Nutrition” covering Turkey and South East Europe. He is a food engineer and political scientist. He is chairman of public policy research center (KAPSAM) in Turkey, chairman of food and agriculture policy center (GIFT) and chairman of food supplement and nutrition association of Turkey (GTBD).Mr. Serttas joined World Trade Organization negotiations and acted as the contact person for the EU MATRA Project. Mr. Serttas is a member of The Chamber of Food Engineers and the chairman of Jean Monnet Scholarship Association.


Dr. Eyup Vural Aydin is the chairman at Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence (PPPCoE) and the senior Advisor on PPP. He delivered numerous PPP training program mostly representatives from developing countries such as Ukraine, Nigeria, Mauritania, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and many others. Currently, he is the Chairman of Istanbul PPP COE, a member of WAPP, Chairman of DEİK PPP Committee, Chairman of Istanbul PPP Week Preparation Committee and the owner of PHD Consulting company.



Mustafa Oguz is a famous Turkish consultant, founder of Istanbul consulting firm “Strategic Solutions Lab”. Having rich experience in this area, Mr. Oguz deeply understands mechanisms for developing a dialogue between the government and non-governmental organizations, which is especially important when considering and studying GR in details. Mr. Oguz is interested in examining the practice of Government Relations in a practical dimension, which is followed by the best GR practices in Western Europe and the USA. The opportunity to cooperate with a Turkish consultant is a guarantee of a successful and rapid development of a dialogue between the authorities and non-governmental organizations both for Ukraine and for other countries.


Fatih Kaya is a successful GR-specialist in the world-known “Boehringer Ingelheim” pharmacy company. He has more than 15 years experience of work in Government Relations. It confirms there are successful GR-specialists who can share their secrets of professional activity for other countries, where the GR is not well-developed.

Fatih Kaya has a lot of vast experience in lobbying and policy advocacy, as well as in using internationally accepted policy-making tools.  Mr. Kaya has a valuable experience of work in Turkish Ministry of Development. Turkish GR-professional worked in improving bilateral relations between Turkey and the related countries (Somalia, Mali, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq).


Galyna Yanchenko is Ukrainian politician and the Chairman of the Public Control Council at NABU. Founder of the NGO “Anti-Corruption Headquarters”. In 2014-2015, Mrs. Yanchenko was a deputy of  Kyiv Council. She worked as an analyst at the Center for Combating Corruption. Also, Mrs. Yanchenko is a co-author of a number of analytical reports on corruption in the procurement of medicines from the Ministry of Health. She coordinated the graduates of the student exchange program among the future leaders of FLEX. Furthermore, Ukrainian politician was the manager of research and analytical programs of the international organization Pact and projects of the Yalta European Strategy. Participated in the organization of the fifth annual meeting of the Free Trade Zone Forum in Yalta.


Liron Edery is a famous Ukrainian-Jewish public figure, the main rabby of Kryvyy Rih (Ukraine), one of the most influential Jewish public figures in the Eastern Europe. Mr. Edery supports the improvement of correct dialogue between business representatives and NGO management with government representatives in Ukraine.One of the main rabies of the Eastern Europe believes learning and implementing modern legalized lobbying techniques of the EU, the USA is a real example for Eastern European countries.

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Bilgin Haluk is a professional in crude oil transportation and station management, which is a successful example of the trade for more than 72 years. Mr. Haluk has been moving himself forward for renewable energy since 2007. He is a member of the board of directors of the “Mandi group” and “Bilgin group”. “Renewable energy and crypto money, which are the most important sectors of our day, сan be real investments of the future” – thinks Mr. Haluk.

Bilgin Haluk believes Turkey is a country with advantageous geopolitical location both for international relations and improvement. That is why Mr. Haluk is interested in improvement a dialogue, especially about energy sector, between Ukraine and Turkey.


Serhii Klets is a famous Ukrainian lawyer. The head of «Questa Group» law firm. Also, Mr. Klets is a member of Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA). He has a lot of experience in a multidisciplinary law. Mr. Klets unites the most experienced and talented lawyers, advisors, as well as arbitration managers. It should be added he has a lot of experience in  such specialized areas, as: bankruptcy, tax law, protection of assets, corporate law and M&A, family disputes (including the section of joint business of family members), intellectual property, effective debt collection. Mr. Klets is one of the most active members of Ukrainian Association of Government Relations and Lobbyist Professionals (UAGRPL).


Timur Chmeruk, one of the initiators of the annual International GR-Forum,  is not only a successful influential entrepreneur, but also a leading member of the Ukrainian Association of Professionals in the fields of GR and lobbying. Mr. Chmeruk is convinced that the regular organization of a global event is a brilliant opportunity to develop lobbying and GR at the international level. “The GR Forum is the regular  experience exchange organized by the Ukrainian Association of GR and Lobbying Professionals, the International Association of Government Relations Professionals (IGAPA), and the Institute for Democracy and Development “PolitA” . The GR Forum is one of the effective tools for lobbying and GR at the international level ”- Timur Chmeruk thinks.

Online speakers

Эгон Чолакян

А. Egon Cholakian is a registered lobbyist at the White House. Mr. Cholakian worked with a wide range of American politicians. For instance, Mr. Cholakian is a Reagan Administration lobbyist for the Strategic Defense Initiative. It should be added that Mr. Cholakian has a lot of experience not only in lobbying, but also in Dual-Use Technology, Energy, Data Driven Science & Bio / Medical Technology research sectors, solely. Professional lobbyist is a former Legislative Tax Analyst, Joint Taxation Committee (U.S. Congress) and the President’s Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy (The White House). Mr. Cholakian is interested in sharing his personal experience within the Fifth International GR Forum.

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Vasyl Shtendera is a famous Ukrainian agrarian, the owner of the influential agricultural company “AGROFIRMA-DODOLA” in the Kherson region (Ukraine). Mr. Shtendera believes that the agrarian reform is a vision from the inside. One of the main questions that Mr. Shtendera is interested in is the next one: “what are the prospects for foreign investors in Ukraine, given the results of the agrarian reform?” Ukrainian professional is sure the building of a dialogue between the government and non-state structures has a great influence on the agrarian reform. Mr. Stendera is open to discussing about this issue among the international GR-community.


Dimitris Konstantellos is the influential Greek Public Affairs and Advocacy specialist with international communications background and proven track record of business-building success. Mr. Konstantellos has more than 20 years in strategy & communications advisory, reputation risk assessment & crisis management, political risk advisory, government relations, ESG-related issues, employee engagement & change management. Mr. Konstantelos has deep expertise across sectors, in particular: energy (oil and gas, renewable), media, digital governance, government and policy institutions, foreign direct investments.Mr. Konstantellos has  experience in Brussels communicating EU policies to citizens and key audiences (European Commission DGs, European Environment Agency) and advising a Member of Parliament on energy, environment, climate change policy issues.


Teodora Migdalovici.  After practicing private diplomacy for over 15 years, as the ambassador of the most influential creativity festival globally, using this position not only to vouch for ideas that change the world for the better, but for her country to become an active player in the process, she opted for formal diplomatic studies. Teodora has nowadays all the credentials to be a formal ambassador. Faithful to her entrepreneurial, pioneering mindset, she decided to keep on walking the private path – a 21st century lobby approach. The brands she cared for ended up very often on the first position, the leaders she coached benefit a remarkable evolution celebrated publicly, while her career enjoyed wide recognition: European Excellence Award, Stevie Award, Brand Leadership Award, Cannes Lions – Most Passionate Lions Ambassador – Silver, Private Diplomacy Award, Dragan Sakan Award for impacting the Eastern European Creativity, Foreign Diplomacy Award – Media.


 Suryaprabha (Surya) Sadasivan leads Chase India’s sustainable development and healthcare practice ith over 14 years of experience,. Chase India, is a leading policy research and government relations advisory firm in India. Chase India works with private sector companies, philanthropic foundations and funding agencies with critical mandates across sectors such as healthcare, sustainability, technology, and consumer to create business impact, mitigate risks, drive social change and form long-standing collaborations with advocates and key stakeholder groups. At Chase, she has been instrumental in establishing the Chase Dialogues – a platform to discuss and shape policy discourse, especially the Health and Earth Dialogues and was listed in the Reputation Today 40 under 40 list of 2019, as one of India’s most promising communications and advocacy professionals in India.


Sefa Gömdeniz is the Founder and President of Burc Group of Companies
involved in construction, investment and trading activities in C.I.S Countries. Built Ashgabat and Baku Airports and received honorary citizenship of Turkmenistan with two medals given by President. Was Co-Chairman of Turkish-Pakistan, UAE, Ukraine and Belarus, currently board member of these councils; is Representative of Ukraine and Belarus Chambers of Commerce and Industy. Organized many business forums with participation of Presidents, Prime Ministers and thousands of Business Persons.


Shaykh Kazybek Altay Uly is the Founder of LLP “Institute GR” (training of specialists in relations with Kazakh government). Also, he is the Vice President of the State Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Investments “KazInvest” (2008-2009). Director of “Agency for creative solutions” SHAIKH “LLP. It should be added Kazakh professional has experience as the leading specialist of the Department of Internal Policy of the Ministry of Information and Public Accord of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1998)
Also, Shaykh Kazybek Altay Uly is the President of the Public Association “National Association of Cooperatives and Other Economic Communities of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Member of the Public Council of the city of Almaty of the 1st and 2nd convocations, Member of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty, executive director, chairman of the Almaty city charitable public foundation “Peace Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2009-2017).

Active participants of panel discussions

photo5289578797613560463 (1)

Anna Mishchenko is a famous Ukrainian public figure, author of the films “Addiction. Rehabilitation in Kosachovka” and “Not \ children’s weaknesses” in the framework of the project “Social Dialogue U_Mishchenko”. Co-director of the project of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future “Drug and alcohol addiction: safety of society, protection of minors, mental health.” Founder and Executive Director of the “Safe Sky Charitable Foundation”. From 2016 to 2019. She served as Advisor to the President of the National Sports Committee for Disabled People of Ukraine.

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Julia Chelnokova is a successful Kazakh journalist, political consultant, PR manager. Chairman of the NGO “New Wave of the Capital”, which is one of successful cases of launching specialized non-governmental organizations.It should be added Julia Chelnokova has a lot of professional experience as the coordinator of the programs of the ALE “Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan” (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan). Its main mission is the development of civil society in the Republic of Kazakhstan. “Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan” is one of the largest republican associations, covering over 3000 non-profit organizations throughout the country. It confirms professional interest of Julia Chelnokova in GR-practices and development of the non-governmental sector, increasing increasing its efficiency in Kazakhstan


Anatoliy Yarovyy is an influential Ukrainian lawyer. Partner of JSC “Radzievsky and Yarovoy”. Representative of the Ukrainian legal elite. One of the most active legal figures in the field of GR in Ukraine. Mr. Yarovyy began his legal career from the prosecutor’s office, where he worked for more than 5 years in various positions (investigation, prosecution in court, supervision of the investigation), including 2 years as a teacher at the National Academy of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. Since 2009, Mr. Yarovyy has worked in national and international law firms and lawyers’ associations, including Vasil Kisil & Partners, Alexandrov & Partners, B. C. Toms and Co “.

 Mr. Yarovyy has a total of 10 years of experience as a lawyer. Currently, he is one of the founders of the law firm “Radzievsky and Yarovoy”.