Tuesday, February 2nd

Planned topics of reports and discussions:

1. US elections – the view of political consultants: new perspectives for

business and underwater rocks.

  • Meanings and emotions.
  • Successful strategies.
  • Features of the US Election 2020.

2. Features of campaigning around the world during a pandemic:

  • How the pandemic has changed communications.
  • What business examples are the most effective in the Coronavirus infection.
  • Finding examples of the best campaigns and business strategies in different countries during the pandemic.


3. Tactics of today and tools of business models:

  • What communication tools are the most effective.
  • Cases of specific campaigns.

4. Digital – shift in communications:

  • How effective are the digital tools in modern business conditions and political companies.
  • How digital has changed communications.
  • Examples of digital campaigns.

Each block contains 2-4 reports, working language is English.


  • Management.
  • Marketing and Advertising.
  • Accompanying Zoom – conference.
  • Translators.
  • Recording and editing.
  • Honorarium to speakers.

We invite you to join the participation in the International Forum in the following forms:

  • Information partnership.
  • Sponsorship support.
  • Individual projects.
  • Tickets for participants and first speakers.