Our Mission

Create a community of like-minded people who are able to generate new ideas and collaborate to create the right political communication.
Create a discussion platform for different topical issues.
Involve key stakeholders and policy makers in dialogue with the publicіty.

Who participates in the
International GR

The International GR Forum is the largest event that brings together politicians and professionals practicing in Government Relations and Government Affairs. This year it will
be held in Istanbul, Turkey. Politicians and experts, political advisers and GR-practitioners are united in the Forum to create the future. The key topic of the GR Forum is the discussion
of current trends, the presentation of quality models and strategies, and networking opportunities.


What is
International GR

The Internationaenl op GR Forum is a constantly working community of
professionals in the field of Government Affairs and Government Relations from the North America, Europe, AsiaIn addition, representatives of international and regional companies, professional associations, political experts and political consultants will take part in this event


International Government Affairs Professionals Association

An international association
that supports the deepening
of international cooperation
between representatives of GR and PA

SIC Group International

An international consulting
company dealing with political
consulting and strategic

Ukrainian Association of Government Relations Professionals and Lobbyists

A profile association
promoting the development
of civilized political
communications in Ukraine